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Bias Rickshaw

Basic scatter plot with two overlapping series. Based on d3 library, which is extremely fast and powerful. Customize it to visualize and analyze your data.

Line Chart - Rickshaw
Stacked Bar Chart - Rickshaw

You can combine Rickshaw charts with Bootstrap components for data visualization and call to action.

Bar Chart - Rickshaw

Rickshaw charts give you a possibility to enter the low level settings, when you need it, so you can always refer to d3 attributes and DOM elements to create your awesome custom chart.

Realtime Rickshaw

Rickshaw provides the elements you need to create interactive graphs: renderers, legends, hovers, range selectors, etc. You put the pieces together. It's all based on d3 underneath, so graphs are drawn with standard SVG and styled with CSS. Customize all you like with techniques you already know.

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