Sing - Package More than 2000 man-hours already invested!

Over 8,000 developers worldwide chose our bootstrap admin templates to build their web applications, SAAS and E-Commerce platforms faster. Jump in to burn through your gig too!

React JS Version

React JS Version

We spent another 500 man-hours developing and designing React version, to save you time and money.

React is the most trendy and advanced component-based JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Our React version follows latest industry best practices and uses Redux as a state manager and supports Server Side Rendering which makes this app incredibly fast and SEO-friendly.

This version is a great choice when you want to be in control of your own codebase and decide on development approaches that are the best for your project. Webpack Module Bundler and Yarn as a package manager are under the hood.

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Angular Version

Angular 2+ Version

We spent around 500 man-hours developing and designing Angular version, to match high engineering requirements.

Angular is the most mature and wide spread front-end framework created by Google and used by many established enterprises. It is a very good choice when your expect your application to have a well-engineered structure and development workflow. If you are familiar with Java or .NET ecosystems Angular is definitely your choice.

Our app is built on top of latest Angular 5.0 version and uses Webpack Module Bundler and NPM as a package manager, so everything works out of the box!

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AngularJS Version

AngularJS Version

We donโ€™t know about you but weโ€™re very excited that itโ€™s finally here! Our brand new Light Blue Angular version.

Angular should be definitely among your top considerations when choosing the right framework.

Angular 1.0 have so many opportunities in comparison to HTML. It lets you extend HTML vocabulary. And as a result your application can be very expressive and readable. Directives can hide complex DOM structure & CSS.

Angular version makes it possible by letting responsive, fast-loading and seamlessly-navigating application.

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Pure HTML5 Version

HTML5 Version

During last 4 years we invested more than 1000 man-hours crafting and maintaining this version.

Basic HTML5 version is the most generic version of Sing App that can be used with any platform starting from PHP and Rails to .NET and Java. It contains pure w3c-validated HTML5 markup and valid CSS3 styles. It can work in two modes: (a) as a Single Page Application, using ajax to fetch page contents, or (b) as a static application, where pages served directly from server. The mode can be switched by changing the value of  window.PJAX_ENABLED global variable.

Moreover, this version comes with three different color schemes which you can easily switch based on your choice.

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Vue JS Version

VUE JS Version

Coming soon version. Seed project is 50% ready.

Vue is a an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Vue is designed to be incrementally adoptable meaning that adding new libraries is made incredibly easy.

Supporting Vue JS version is a main priority of Flatlogic for next months, so seed version will ready really soon!

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